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    Make More Money

    Houzz Pro helps home builders generate more revenue

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    Estimate Faster

    Builders say they create estimates twice as fast or faster

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    Save on Hiring

    Houzz Pro is like having a team member you don't have to hire

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    Communicate Better

    Houzz Pro helps home builders communicate better with clients

Based on a Dec. 2021 survey of current U.S. Houzz Pro Customers, out of those who had an opinion


Estimates that get granular

Your time is precious, which is why our home builder management software doesn’t ask you to do anything twice. Turn a takeoff into an estimate with a click and never waste time on double-data entry ever again! Customize your estimate however you need, creating as much transparency as you want. Want to add markup but keep those costs out of your client-facing estimate? Done. Need to add terms to clarify questions you get from every lead? Go right ahead! What’s even better is that your estimates can be saved as templates and reused for similar projects, creating even more room in your day for other tasks.


Builder software to bid up to 10x faster 

Cut the time it takes you to complete an estimate in half with takeoffs from Houzz Pro. Going from plan to client-ready estimate is as simple as uploading your plans, marking them up on screen, a few clicks and the rest is calculated with precision. You can spend less time on estimates at the end of the day and feel more confident that you’ve priced a job right. Win-win!

Takeoffs and Estimates in Houzz Pro is a must-have for me. To work on an estimate for a new construction project off of blue prints is very time-consuming. With pen, paper and a spreadsheet, a full estimate used to take me 3.5 hours. Houzz Pro Takeoffs cuts that down to 2.5 hours, so it's 100% worth it. Now I have digital blueprints for all my projects, and that's huge.


Sell clients on your biggest & best ideas

Get ideas out of your head and into the hands of clients eager to understand your vision. Our custom home builder software includes a 3D Floor Planning tool that lets you build plans in 2D, tour clients in 3D, and give them a Life-Sized Walkthrough of their future home. Easily add windows, doors, furniture and other room features to scale. In the moment, you’re able to capture which ideas get a resounding “yes” and which elements require a little more discussion. Achieving the ultimate level of clarity with clients has never been this visual, straightforward or fun.


Home builder business software that pays off

What if we told you it’s possible to get paid on time, every time, without having to completely rehaul the way you work? With Houzz Pro’s web based home builder software you can generate an invoice from an approved estimate, set a payment schedule and send to a client—all in the same minute. Your clients receive professional, branded invoices while you prompt them to pay safely and securely however they want. Credit card or bank transfer? Can do!


One robust builder software tool 

There’s no limit to what Houzz Pro’s project management can help builders accomplish. Assign a task, send messages to your team, upload a daily log, set due dates (or do nothing while we send email reminders for you). Build project schedules, spot dependencies before they become major issues, add private notes—need we say more? Our home builder business software has thought of everything that could go wrong so you can say goodbye to chaos and hello to calm.

Plans that work for your business needs


Get started, get organized, get your brand right.


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Stand out, show off your work, manage your business.


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Accelerate growth & benefit from financial reporting.


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Avoid construction overruns with change orders

Home builders know things rarely go according to plan—and when they don’t, you want to be sure you’re not leaving any money on the table. Houzz Pro’s home builder management software makes it easy to create and send change orders to clients for approval via e-signature and online payment. Forgo the fear of losing checks or forgetting to submit change orders. When you can do it all (and do it fast) from the Houzz Pro app, you can stress less and focus more.

Studies show that businesses who don’t track and bill for change orders lose an average of 10-15% of the project value. Yikes! Good thing that’s not you.


Improve client satisfaction 

If customer experience is your #1 priority, you’ll love our 24/7 Client Dashboards that increase transparency while cutting down on client texts and phone calls. Make communications, schedules, daily logs and more available to your clients on-demand and watch customer satisfaction soar. They’ll get their own client portal accessible via our home builder software for Mac or Windows, to see everything you want them to without you having to lift a finger. Better yet—they’ll know they’re working with a true professional who takes their project seriously. As an added bonus, you also have full control of what they can or can’t see on your dashboard. 


How home builder Bryan Payne launched revenue and profitability ahead two years with Houzz Pro


Your lead management blueprint

It’s simple to manage follow-up, schedule meetings, and share files with our builder management software. With a full-fledged CRM by your side, you can quickly view where all of your leads stand to help you prioritize what needs to be done first. Running behind for that client meeting? Go ahead and send a quick reply to uphold your status as the most responsive builder in town (without having to build an email from scratch). Is your estimate backlog filling up? Quickly view how many estimates are outstanding and gently nudge clients to approve with friendly email reminders.


Know where your business stands

You need to be able to make business decisions quickly—see financial status at a glance, understand marketing performance in a snap, all while managing multiple projects at once. With our virtual home builder software you’ll gain valuable insights and analytics that are not only straightforward but that you’re able to act on. See which team members deserve a raise for being your most profitable workers. Better specialize based on the projects that have the best margins. All of your questions, answered—in one place.


Access your build projects from anywhere

Maybe you’re a builder who’s at a desk a lot. Maybe you’re always on the go, making facetime with clients or overseeing work at a job site. Whatever category you fall into—or anything in between, you’ll love the convenience of the Houzz Pro app. Move projects along as fast as you want them to and never miss a beat. Check your builder software dashboard each morning before you even get in to know where you’re needed that day. It’s the practical, functional assistant you never knew you needed.


Our builder software is a team player

We understand that most successful builders don’t have months to learn complicated new software or the patience for using multiple tools to complete basic tasks—who does? That’s why our home builder software requires none of the above. With simple integrations with your most commonly used tools—Gmail, Zoom, Quickbooks Online and more, you won’t have to change to fit our software. Our software is flexible enough to change how you need it to in order to reach maximum business efficiency.

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